Play The System That Has It All

Remember your first Battle With Bowser?

The Shabba Tech Mini 620 system is a miniaturized all in wonder game console. Groundbreakingly Nostalgic and Jam Packed Full of Games from the 1980’s.

Just plug the Shabba Mini 620 into your TV, pick up that gray controller, and rediscover the joy of 1980s 8 Bit Gaming.

What’s in the box?

    • Shabba-Tech Mini 620 system
    • Two Shabba-Tech Mini Controllers
    • A/V Cable
    • AC adapter
    • 620 pre-installed games

Shabba Classic Controllers Included

Same Responsive, Clicky Buttons That You Love and Remember

Play your old favorites the way they’re meant to played —with a full size nostalgic Shabba Controller.

The included Shabba Tech Controllers are clicky, responsive and feel just like you remember them.



620 of the best retro games ever

Welcome to our 8-bit wonderland





Shabba-Tech Entertainment System:

A perfect gift for collectors or anyone who loves games!